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V-Count People Counter Storage, Analytics and Reporting Service FAQ GCEM has been delivering high technology people counting system solutions to retail market with the brand V-Count since 2007. In customer counting solutions GCEM Vision is one of the most experienced companies around the world. V-Count offers the best people counting technology with the most usable analytics software. You can easily […]

V-Count People Counter

V-Count, is a bi-directional, reliable and very accurate customer / passenger counter.It helps your business to measure your traffic and get benefit from it in store performance optimization, marketing effort optimization, and efficiency in all levels. It brings you an opportunity to make profit in more than few departments of an organization. V-Count is the best performance/price ratio product in […]

Storage, Analytics and Reporting Service

V-Count by combining its superiority in people counting technology, the ease of use in its reporting system and detailed analysis opportunities, brings opportunity and actual profits to its valuable customers.  The reporting software that you will obtain with a V-Count will allow you to track the visitor traffic of all your stores in one screen. Without any need from a […]