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Endurance & Sports Timing Solutions

Endurance time Management Solution


We have created a new, more powerful automatic system including new options. This is a major development for major sports competitions. A new architecture, faster treatment, an automatic call system with automatic control of the movements of competitors in the vet gate, a paperless smart technology integrated & management of veterinary inspections with paper backup, integrated Mobile, Tab and many other innovations on top of the numerous features of our automatic Equidex Time Management Solution We have also launched a heart rate monitor integrated in our automatic timing system, which can also be used independently. We continue our expansion and have recently launched new interactive Displays & Queue Management Systems for vet check Area.The quality of performance of our company is now recognized and appreciated in GCC.

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Sports Timing Solutions

We have designed a system specifically can enable Sports wings to provide solutions that will help cater to all your event needs. From timing a better event to providing unique experiences to participants, our system can work with you to create comprehensive systems to fit what your events require! And advanced level technologies in sports for preparing legends in international events. Most importantly, we provide the training and support for this new solution that ensures your staff can ramp up quickly.

A New Dimension of Sports Performance: Information

• Comprehensive participant data base including data elements unique to your race
• The right Information delivered to the right people at the right time can add value, opportunity and enjoyment to sports of all kinds.
• With our technology, race directors, spectators, athletes, coaches, sponsors and media now have unrivaled and often immediate access to unlimited information.
• And also can pinpoint participants in a crowd, track split times and get instant race results. Without worrying about bunching, motion, bad weather or materials.
• The Sports Timekeeping solution has been road-tested in major races with tens of thousands of participants.

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