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IT & Electronics Support – a Proven Approach
Since 1994, G C E M have delivered tailored and highly valued IT & Electronics support services for 00’s of clients. Our reputation is built on technical expertise, commercial acumen and outstanding service backed by key partnerships with leading technology vendors.

Over the years, G C E M has grown and developed experience and knowledge of many industries and commercial areas. We support businesses of up to 300 IT & Electronics users and have become a trusted advisor and partner to 00’s of organizations in many industry sectors.

Expert Advice and Guidance

To get the very best from IT & Electronics Service, you need the best advice. Over many years, we’ve developed a wealth of business and technical expertise so we can offer you the very best advice.

Our specialists never lose sight of the fact that IT & Electronics is simply an enabler to support your business. Combining industry know-how, technical proficiency, and a missionary zeal for delivering innovative IT & Electronics solutions, they have their feet firmly planted in the business world. They’ll work with you to deliver a first class IT & Electronics support service and free of any technical jargon


Our Commitment to YOU

The IT & Electronics market is crowded with companies fighting for attention. Many offer similar products and services and promote their “unique solution” as a panacea for all your IT & Electronics woes.

At G C E M, we take a very different approach. From day one, we focus on the unique needs of your business and your people, and we make sure we understand these fully BEFORE we make any recommendations.

Client Promise

Everybody within G C E M works according to a set of core values and behaviors which affect everything that we do. Our client promise is to:

  • Always talk politely
  • be friendly and honest in all our dealings
  • deliver on our commitments
  • provide regular updates on all our activities
  • work closely with your people to build lasting relationships
  • NEVER suggest something that you do not need
  • deliver the IT & Electronics support that you need, when you need it

Core Values

These commitments are under-pinned by our core values:

  • Passion and commitment to meet your needs, now and into the future
  • A friendly and open approach, working closely with you and your staff to develop a trusted relationship
  • Communicating regularly and politely to support your people
  • Understanding and focus on your unique requirements
  • Reliability – to deliver what we promise and only recommend technology when it’s really needed
  • Independent approach to ensure you get the best and most appropriate advice
  • Focus on results – working closely with you to understand and respond to your changing circumstances
  • Expertise – our teams are experts in the technologies we deploy and support, and are amongst the most highly qualified in the industry

This proven approach has delivered measurable benefits to 00’s of organizations.


IT & Electronic Support – People and Excellence





People are at the heart of our business. We recruit and train the best people in the IT & Electronics industry and work closely with our clients to develop long lasting, beneficial relationships.

We understand the need to be fully up-to-date with the latest IT & Electronics initiatives and maintain a high level of expertise in all of our core technologies

We are passionate about our core values and ensure that all our people have the same approach and ethos. When dealing with G C E M, you’ll always receive a personal and friendly service from our team of technical and business specialists.

We won’t sell you short-term fixes – but we will immerse ourselves in your business to understand your aspirations, and to use our expertise to transform ideas into realities. This blend of personal skills, business acumen and technical expertise make G C E M what it is today – a genuine leader in the provision of world-class IT & Electronics support & services.

Ongoing Training and Development

IT & Electronics changes rapidly and it’s very difficult to keep up-to-date with the latest initiatives and ideas. With G C E M, you have access to our business and technology experts whose collective knowledge will give you the very best advice. To stay ahead, we have a continuous programme of training and personal development for all of our staff so you will always receive the latest and most appropriate advice.


IT & Electronics Support – Teamwork is Critical

Every client is unique. We appreciate this and work closely with you to gain a full understanding of your specific circumstances and future plans.


At G C E M we do not believe in a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach so our services are tailor-made to fit around your people and your needs. You’ll have ready access to a large team of business and technical experts who will develop a close and trusted working relationship with you and your team.

Working Together for Success

Teamwork and partnership are central to our ongoing success. By working closely with our clients, we develop long lasting relationships that deliver measurable business benefits – saving you time and money whilst improving efficiency and effectiveness. We work hard to become a valued member of your team and will always be there to help and advice when needed.

Supplier Partnerships

In order to deliver the very best IT & Electronics solutions for our clients, we have also developed a number of formal partner relationships with some of the major global IT & Electronics suppliers.

A Single Source for ALL of your IT & Electronics Needs

There are 000’s of technology vendors offering a huge variety of tools and technologies. As a business user of IT & Electronics, it is nearly impossible to keep up with this rapidly changing world and to know which ones offer the best opportunities for your organization.G C E M constantly monitor these markets so we can deliver the best and most appropriate IT & Electronics solutions for you.

As an integral part of the delivery of a successful IT & Electronics project, we may work with several IT & Electronics technologies or IT & Electronics Partners. Over the years, we’ve worked with many industry leaders and experts, and we’ve built up strong relationships and deep knowledge so you can benefit from this experience.

Every one of these companies is a market-leader and they choose their Partners carefully so G C E M is proud to be associated with each one. We’ve worked together for many years and have achieved recognition for our project success and technical expertise.